Deposit Accounts

Whether you’re starting your first checking account or planning for retirement, TwinStar has a wide range of savings and checking account options

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our deposit account options, contact us at 1.800.258.3115 or stop by your local branch to talk with us.

  • Kasasa Cash Checking pays dividends when you qualify
    Expect more from your checking account, like a higher yield, not more fees. Kasasa Cash checking pays up to 3.00% APY*. But that’s not all. We’ll refund your ATM fees, nationwide.*
  • The Outfitter accounts are hip with the kids

    Versatile + convenient: our whole checking account costs you zip.

  • Basic checking is perfect for this young couple

    Sometimes simple is all you need

  • Kasasa Tunes is cool if you buy music online

    Get money for music, movies & more!

  • Earn cash back on everyday debit card purchases

    A checking account that pays.

  • Prime Advantage offers benefits for members age 50 and older

    You’ve earned it

    For members age 50 or older and joint owner.

  • Money Market Savings
    TwinStar Credit Union's money market savings accounts give you a higher-yield alternative for savings with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Money Market accounts give you flexibility and access to your money (up to four withdrawals or transfers per month without paying a fee).
  • Individual Retirement Account

    Wouldn't it be nice to retire early with money to spare? Or to be prepared for college expenses? That's a real possibility with regular contributions to an IRA at TwinStar Credit Union.

  • Certificates of Deposit
    Certificates typically offer higher rates than traditional savings accounts when you commit to leave your savings in the Certificate for a specified period. Generally, the longer the period, the better the dividend rate. Money held in Certificates cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date without a penalty. Investing in Certificates requires a minimum deposit.
  • Dollar Dog is a friendly companion to a child's first account
    Joining is easy and FREE! Simply open a Dollar Dog Kids Club Savings Account for each child in your family with an initial deposit of $5 or more. In having a Dollar Dog Account, your child will learn the value of saving money.
  • Save to Win is a prize-linked savings account
    Save To Win is a prize-linked savings product, which offers prize drawing entries, both monthly and annually, in return for each $25 savings deposit made into the Save to Win certificate account.