Gift & Prepaid Visa Cards

TwinStar offers both Visa® gift cards and Visa® prepaid cards!


Visa® prepaid or gift cards can be used anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. Prepaid cards can be used at the ATM or at stores or online like a debit card with either a PIN or a signature. Gift cards can only be used with a signature.


Pop by your nearest TwinStar branch and pick up a card for only $3.95 per card. Gift cards and prepaid cards are not available at our Centralia Safeway, Hawks Prairie Safeway, and West Olympia Safeway branches.

Prepaid Cards
You can choose any value amount between $10 and $2,000. Prepaid cards can be reloaded up to 30 additional times.

Gift Cards
You can choose any value amount between $10 and $1,000. Gift cards are not able to be reloaded.


Card holders can go online at to register their cards for protection (in case the card is lost or stolen) and to check the balance on the card. Gift cards are good for five years.


You can add money to the prepaid card up to twenty-four times online or at a branch with no reloading fee. You can also reload a card anywhere you see the Visa ReadyLink logo. *Prepaid cards must be registered to be reloadable online. Gift cards cannot be reloaded.