Family celebrating Ramadan at dinner table.
Ramadan is  the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, observed by Muslims around the world as a month-long holiday of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. A typical greeting around this time is "Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem” which wishes the recipient a blessed and generous month.
Portraits of women in economic history - Eliza Allen, Victoria Woodhall, Tennessee Clafin, Maggie Lena Walker, Louise McCarren Herring, Dora Maxwell, and Rosemary McFadden.
Join us for Women’s History Month as we talk about six women who are left out of the wider economics conversation and deserve recognition.
TwinStar Employee in a Branch with 85 Years displayed in the background
You might have noticed that we are celebrating 85 years of helping people realize their financial dreams in 2023. So it’s only fitting that we are randomly giving away $85 cash to TwinStar members this month.  If you’re a TwinStar member, you don’t have to do anything for a chance to win $85.
Save to Win winners for 2023.
We love to give our members the chance to win and take home big prizes from our Save To Win program!
TwinStar Team Member volunteering packing food
In 2022, TwinStar and the TwinStar Community Foundation donated a combined $778,416 to local charities and organizations. Our employees also volunteered hundreds of hours to support many of these nonprofits.  
Random Acts of Kindness in the Community
At TwinStar, we have a long and proud history of giving back to the communities we live, work, and play in — 85 years to be exact.  That’s why we are excited to be participating in random acts of kindness as part of our 85th anniversary celebration!
TwinStar Historical Milestones
This year, we are celebrating 85 years of helping our members work toward and achieve their financial dreams — while investing in our local communities as strongly as ever. What better way to celebrate TwinStar’s 85th anniversary by taking a quick look back at some of our biggest milestones.  1930
Happy Chinese New Year 2023
Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, begins January 22 and runs through February 9 this year.
Stack of credit cards on a table.
Credit card debt is on the rise, with credit card balances increasing by 15% since 2021, the largest jump in 20 years. Americans hold close to $1 trillion in credit card balances.
Korean American Day
Korean American Day is observed annually on January 13 to honor and celebrate the contributions that people of Korean descent have made on American society and culture.  Koreans first immigrated to the United States on January 13, 1903, originally settling in Honolulu, Hawaii.
85 Years
TwinStar Credit Union started out as a teachers credit union in 1938 and has stayed true to its roots ever since. Education remains at the heart of everything we do.