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  • Happy couple embraces in front of their home

    Every corner of the personal finance world seems to hammer home the same point: Debt is the wealth killer. Debt is the single greatest threat to your college savings, financial independence, and retirement planning.

  • Couple looking at each other knowing they can talk about finances

    Money plays a vital role in relationships. In fact, how you and your partner relate to money can make or break the relationship. It may not sound romantic, but a 2009 study by Jeffrey Dew at Utah State University found that

  • Man preparing dinner at home

    It’s time to celebrate the significant other in your life! If you’re thinking that means pricey gifts, expensive dates and blowing an entire day’s salary on a restaurant meal, think again. There’s no need to drain your wallet while trying to create the perfect Valentine’s Day.

  • Save to win prize winner and branch staff

    Terry Johnson of Montesano is the latest TwinStar Credit Union member awarded for participation in the prize-linked savings program, Save to Win. For every $25 deposited into their accounts, members earn one entry into the monthly and quarterly drawings for a chance to win $25-$1,000.

  • Man reviewing loan application

    Q: Why does my credit union need to know so much about me to grant me a mortgage?

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    On February 5, 2019, the minimum balance to maintain your share savings account at TwinStar Credit Union was reduced from $25.00 to $5.00.

  • boy playing with a light in the dark

    We think we’re self-sufficient. But let the power go out for 6 hours or more, and we start to see how tied we are to the grid. Phones and tablets run out of juice. TVs and radios don’t work. Food in the fridge spoils. It gets dark. Electric stoves are useless.

  • Couple looking over their finances

    Smart planning now can help you weather financial storms and uncertainty in the future.

  • Woman paying at gas pump - stock image

    The TwinStar Credit Union Fraud Department is handling a near epidemic of fraud claims as a result of card skimming devices placed on area gas pump terminals. Thieves obtain credit and debit card numbers from TwinStar members and

  • 2019 High School Scholarship applications now available
    TwinStar will award 15 $2,000 scholarships to members who will be graduating from high school in 2019. Deadline for submission is March 31, 2019

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