TwinStar Historical Milestones
This year, we are celebrating 85 years of helping our members work toward and achieve their financial dreams — while investing in our local communities as strongly as ever. What better way to celebrate TwinStar’s 85th anniversary by taking a quick look back at some of our biggest milestones.  1930
Happy Chinese New Year 2023
Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, begins January 22 and runs through February 9 this year.
Stack of credit cards on a table.
Credit card debt is on the rise, with credit card balances increasing by 15% since 2021, the largest jump in 20 years. Americans hold close to $1 trillion in credit card balances.
Korean American Day
Korean American Day is observed annually on January 13 to honor and celebrate the contributions that people of Korean descent have made on American society and culture.  Koreans first immigrated to the United States on January 13, 1903, originally settling in Honolulu, Hawaii.
85 Years
TwinStar Credit Union started out as a teachers credit union in 1938 and has stayed true to its roots ever since. Education remains at the heart of everything we do.
Toy ducks in a row
As we approach April 15th, you will see an uptick in the flow of information surrounding IRAs and hear more about them. This happens annually, chatter increases from January peaking late February ending in April.
National Mentoring Month
January is National Mentoring Month, which recognizes and celebrates the impact of mentoring — especially on younger people. All of us, at some point in our lives, have benefited from a mentor.
Best of Lewis County awards displayed. Best Lender and Best Credit Union.
Helping our members achieve financial well-being is at the core of our mission here at TwinStar Credit Union. That’s why we are proud to announce that we won two awards in the Best of Lewis County awards – Best Lender and Best Credit Union/Bank.
Happy Hanukkah displayed over a menorah
Hanukkah, also commonly known as the Festival of Lights, commemorates the recovery of Jerusalem and dedication of the Second Temple — and is observed for eight days and nights.
Hands holding a cell phone taking a picture of holiday gifts
The holidays are here and that means capturing memories. Taking photographs with your cell phone has become synonymous with having a phone. Cameras in cell phones continue to improve. For many, that means it becomes your main use for taking pictures and videos.
Woman holding gift card and smart phone
Everyone loves a gift card for their favorite retailer or restaurant. It’s like getting money to spend in any way you please! Unfortunately, scammers also love gift cards and for all the wrong reasons: They often use gift cards to pull off scams.