Woman looking nervous and concerned
The situation is becoming all too common: you receive a call while out shopping or perhaps during dinner. Perhaps you don’t recognize the number, but the person on the line identifies themselves as an employee of your financial institution. They speak urgently—there’s a problem with your account.
Worried man looks at tablet
Card compromise—what does this term mean? More importantly, what does it mean for your account? Recently some big companies have fallen victim to hackers who stole card information. The financial world calls this card compromise.
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Isn’t summer the best—sun, a gentle breeze, perhaps an icy treat to cool you down? Best of all, it’s vacation time. Whether you trek in Nepal, visit the Statue of Liberty, or sail on lake Coeur d'Alene, have a good time.
Making College More Affordable
TwinStar offers the Smart Option Student Loan to help manage student loan debt. It used to be that the biggest concerns of a new college student were whether you’d be paired with a wacky roommate, or starve because you didn’t pay attention to mom or dad’s cooking tips. But with the cost of college
Woman and daughter at an ATM
At TwinStar Credit Union, we’re dedicated to making sure you’re always connected to your money. That’s why we’ve linked our ATMs with other credit unions and even a few banks to provide surcharge free ATM withdrawals at thousands of locations across the United States.
EMV illustration
TwinStar Credit Union is now shipping EMV chip enabled Visa® Platinum credit cards to TwinStar members. If your Visa® Platinum credit card has an expiration date in November 2014 or after, you will receive one of the new cards. The card carrier that is included with your mailing provides more details. More information on EMV cards can be found here.
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Tips to help you build a healthy credit history, and keep it safe. You’ve just parked your car and are headed out for a relaxing walk at a local park.