Savings Accounts

Whether you're saving for a home, planning a vacation, looking ahead to retirement or simply stashing your cash, TwinStar Credit Union gives you savings options to fit every person, every family. From certificates to tax-saving IRAs, our rates will help you comfortably reach your financial goals.

  • The Outfitter accounts are hip with the kids

    Versatile + convenient: our whole checking account costs you zip.

  • Certificates of Deposit
    Certificates typically offer higher rates than traditional savings accounts when you commit to leave your savings in the Certificate for a specified period. Generally, the longer the period, the better the dividend rate. Money held in Certificates cannot be withdrawn before the maturity date without a penalty. Investing in Certificates requires a minimum deposit.
  • Individual Retirement Account

    Wouldn't it be nice to retire early with money to spare? Or to be prepared for college expenses? That's a real possibility with regular contributions to an IRA at TwinStar Credit Union.

  • Dollar Dog is a friendly companion to a child's first account
    Joining is easy and FREE! Simply open a Dollar Dog Kids Club Savings Account for each child in your family with an initial deposit of $5 or more. In having a Dollar Dog Account, your child will learn the value of saving money.
  • Money Market Savings
    TwinStar Credit Union's money market savings accounts give you a higher-yield alternative for savings with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Money Market accounts give you flexibility and access to your money (up to four withdrawals or transfers per month without paying a fee).
  • Save to Win is a prize-linked savings account
    Save To Win is a prize-linked savings product, which offers prize drawing entries, both monthly and annually, in return for each $25 savings deposit made into the Save to Win certificate account.