Scams to watch out for
Riiiing! You race for the landline, but the caller has already hung up—after just one ring. How rude! You thumb through the Caller ID, poised to give your mysterious caller a ring back when you note the strange area code.
Woman looking nervous and concerned
The situation is becoming all too common: you receive a call while out shopping or perhaps during dinner. You don’t recognize the number, but the person on the line identifies themselves as an employee of your financial institution. They speak urgently—there’s a problem with your account.
Two women talking about banking and technology over coffee
TwinStar technology enhancements and mobile services help you keep your accounts safe. During the height of the Great Depression in the late 1930s, loan sharks preyed on struggling Olympia schoolteachers who could not get reasonable terms for financing because of their seasonal employment.
Stock image of a young woman looking out a window
We’re seeing a rise in a new scam targeting teens and young adults in our area. This extremely damaging scam mainly works when a fraudster takes advantage of a victim’s naivety and commits fraud in the victim’s name.