How to set up Touch ID with mobile banking on an iPhone or iPad

Touch ID allows you to log in using Apple’s Touch ID instead of your login ID and password. By enrolling in this feature you will be prompted to place your registered fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor on your Apple device.

Apple Touch ID must be set up on your device before you can use it with our mobile banking app (including setting a passcode for your device). Information is available on Apple’s support website for setting up Touch ID and setting up a passcode

Fingerprints are encrypted and stored on the Apple device only and are not made available to any other service providers, including TwinStar.

Touch ID requirements

Requires iOS 8 or later and one of these devices:

  • iPhone 5S or later
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 or later.

Setting up Touch ID with the TwinStar Mobile Banking App

  1. Navigate to “Settings”
  2. Select “Security Preferences”
  3. Select the Touch ID toggle switch by tapping (not sliding)
  4. See Feature description and Feature enablement. Select Continue
  5. Fill in credentials (login ID and password). Select Authorize.
  6. The device will prompt you for fingerprint. Place your finger on the circle button on the device and not on the pop-up message image.
  7. Once accepted it will take you back to “Security Preferences.” The Touch ID toggle will be on.

Upon the next login you will have the option to use Touch ID by tapping the fingerprint image. The option to select “Standard Login” is also available.

Please note: Multiple users cannot use Touch ID on the same device even if you have different logins/accounts

Troubleshooting Touch ID in the TwinStar Mobile Banking App

Selected “Standard Login” and can’t get back to Touch ID

If “Standard Login” is selected you must log in with your Login ID and password and then log out before you can resume logging in with Touch ID.

The Touch ID is greyed out on menu

Once Touch ID is set up on one of your TwinStar accounts it is not an option to utilize on additional TwinStar accounts

Too many invalid Touch ID login attempts

If you see a message saying “You’ve exceeded the number of Touch Authentication attempts. Please login with your standard credentials.”

  1. Login with login ID and password
  2. The Touch ID screen appears: Tap the screen to start
  3. The iPhone passcode screen appears requesting the device passcode
  4. The Touch ID authentication screen should available

Touch ID does not show as an option in the app security preferences area

Your device or iOS version is not supported

The four digit passcode on your Apple device not yet set-up. (Apple requires this for Touch ID)

Do you support Android touch authentication?

We do not have a product that supports Android touch authentication at this time

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Last updated on December 18, 2017.