TwinStar News

  • Introducing Ampre

    Now Visa Platinum Rewards cardholders can earn more points

    Ampre is a new benefit that will be added to your rewards program, making it easier for TwinStar members to amplify your reward points.

  • Making College More Affordable

    TwinStar offers the Smart Option Student Loan to help manage student loan debt.

    It used to be that the biggest concerns of a new college student were whether you’d be paired with a wacky roommate, or starve because you didn’t pay attention to mom or dad’s cooking tips.

  • TwinStar Wins 2015 Best Of South Sound Contest

    TwinStar Credit Union would like to thank all our members who voted for us in The Olympian’s Best of South Sound contest. Your votes made us the winners of the Best Credit Union category, and we really appreciate the recognition.

  • 2015 Annual Report

    TwinStar Credit Union finished another successful year on December 31, 2015. Click here to read more about the financial results and strategic direction for TwinStar Credit Union.

  • The Credit Union Difference Part 3

    In The Credit Union Difference Part 3, we look into how TwinStar is involved in our community. Since we were formed by a community of public school teachers, we make being socially responsible a high priority.

  • The Credit Union Difference Part 2

    Thanks for checking out the second video in The Credit Union Difference series! This series delves deeper into the difference between credit unions and banks. In this video we explore the history of credit unions, and give information about how credit unions are managed, and where profits go.

  • Save to Win $5,000 prize awarded to TwinStar member

    TwinStar Credit Union gives its members the chance to win big. Justin Goodhart from Olympia took home $5,000 by entering our Save to Win contest! Justin, a three year member of TwinStar, is well known to the staff at our Olympia branch.

  • Cecosesola co-op members with TwinStar employees

    TwinStar managers welcomed a traveling contingent of employees from Cecosesola Credit Union in Venezuela in November. The purpose of their visit was to gain knowledge about American credit union operations and to take some best practices home with them.

  • Security

    We have heard reports of a new email phishing scam targeting Apple customers. The email claims that your account is suspended or under review, and asks you to verify your information via a website designed to look like an Apple site.

  • Credit Union Difference Video Series Intro

    The Credit Union Difference is an idea that TwinStar has been wanting to pursue for a while. This is the first episode in a series of video about what the Credit Union Difference is, and why it matters to you!

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