Required Business Documents

If you are applying for a business account at TwinStar, you will need the following documents to get started.

Sole Proprietor

  • Electronic Business License(s): Available for viewing on the Dept. of Licensing website.
    (Where to get a copy)

Partnership (General, LLP, LTD)

Formation Document

  • Partnership Agreement Signed by all Partners

Corporation (For profit (S-Corp, C-Corp) or Non-Profit 501(c)3)

Formation Document: Signed by all Owners

  • Articles of Incorporation listing roles and designating who is able to conduct financial decisions (Include filing date stamp if using State provided format)
  • Meeting Minutes/Letter of Authorization directing specific people to act as Responsible Individual or Authorized Signer (if not specified in Articles of Incorporation)

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Formation Document: Signed by all Owners

  • Operating Agreement, Certificate of Formation* or Articles of Organization* listing roles and designating who can conduct financial decisions such as account opening.
  • *Includes filing date stamp from state & lists owner's names

Some Business types are not listed here. Please contact us for more information.

Other documents such as picture identification, business physical address, physical address of all signers and social security numbers of all signers will be requested at the time of account opening.

Need to get a copy of your Electronic Business License?

Washington Department of Licensing

Washington Department or Revenue

Oregon Secretary of State