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Build Your Credit with a Visa Classic Card

Start building the credit you need to increase your future purchasing and borrowing power with a Visa Classic credit card.

When it comes to building credit, you have to start somewhere. Why not with TwinStar? Our Visa Classic card is ideal if you are a student or never had a credit card. With no annual fees* and low introductory APR*, you can confidently work toward having more borrowing power someday!

TwinStar Visa cards all include:

Classic Visa

Purchase APR

16.25% APR Variable

Introductory APR

1.90% on purchases for the first 180 days*
Standard Purchase APR applies after introductory period.

Balance transfer APR

13.25% APR Variable

Cash APR

19.25% APR Variable

Annual Fee




Starting Credit Limit

$250 - and up

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates based on approved credit.

Method of Balance Computation: Average Daily Balance (including current purchases)
Grace Period: 21 days
Minimum Payment: 3% of the balance or minimum $25 whichever is greater.
Late Payment Fee: Payments more than 4 days past due will be charged $20.00.
Rewards details and restrictions subject to change.

The fixed introductory rate applies to new purchases posted to a new Visa® account for 180 days from the account open date. Your rate for purchases and unpaid balances after the 180-day introductory period will be adjusted to non-introductory rates.

Rates are subject to change quarterly. The index is The Wall Street Journal Western Edition Prime Rate as of: February 28; May 31; August 31; November 30 of each calendar year, plus the margin. Rates are subject to change: March 10; June 10; September 10; and December 10 of each calendar year.

For full printable disclosure Click here. A printable card agreement can be found here