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A Visa Card You Can Take Everywhere

With lower interest rates and higher credit limits, our Visa Platinum card is perfect for all of life’s adventures.

It takes time and effort to establish good credit. Reward yourself with a Visa card that lets you do more. Easily transfer balances from higher-rate cards and save more! TwinStar Visa Platinum cards feature lower interest rates and higher credit limits – enabling you to get more out of life.

TwinStar Visa cards all include:

Visa Platinum rates

Purchase APR

14.25% APR Variable 

Introductory APR

1.90% on purchases for the first 180 days*
Standard Purchase APR applies after introductory period.

Balance transfer APR

11.25% APR Variable

Cash APR

17.25% APR Variable

Annual Fee




Starting Credit Limit

$2500 - and up

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates based on approved credit.

Method of Balance Computation: Average Daily Balance (including current purchases)
Grace Period: 21 days
Minimum Payment: 3% of the balance or minimum $25 whichever is greater.
Late Payment Fee: Payments more than 4 days past due will be charged $20.00.
Rewards details and restrictions subject to change.

The fixed introductory rate applies to new purchases posted to a new Visa® account for 180 days from the account open date. Your rate for purchases and unpaid balances after the 180-day introductory period will be adjusted to non-introductory rates.

Rates are subject to change quarterly. The index is The Wall Street Journal Western Edition Prime Rate as of: February 28; May 31; August 31; November 30 of each calendar year, plus the margin. Rates are subject to change: March 10; June 10; September 10; and December 10 of each calendar year.

For full printable disclosure Click here. A printable card agreement can be found here