A young woman plays guitar in the woods
It’s the time of year when the blues hit the hardest. And while many people turn to costly escapes, you can get the same results without spending a penny.
Hands are shown holding a card and paying bills
Credit cards, car loans, home loans and other debt all have their place. Go over your debts and look at exactly how much you owe and your schedule payment. What are your interest rates? How long will it take you to repay the full amount?
Photos of students are tiled
  2020 High School Scholarship Recipients   Claire Lang – Olympia HS (Dewey Noblitt Memorial Scholarship)  Amber Morrill – Tenino HS (Jack Jutte Scholarship Award) Taylor Dantinne – Shelton High School Lea Prandi – West Black Hills High School  Wyatt Bush – Pe Ell High School Morgan Brown
Three teenagers sit at a table in public conversing.
We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day of shopping at the mall, or waiting in an airport, or driving across the country, and we finally get a chance to pull out our phones or laptops and look for Wi-Fi. Good news: You’ve found one that doesn’t require a password! Free Wi-Fi saves the day.
A woman in a mask sits at a desk, across from here is a couple, they are talking business most likely
Investing advice is everywhere! It’s on TV; it’s all over the internet; it’s in newspapers and magazines and it fills the pages of dozens of books. With this overabundance of information, you’d think nearly everyone would be financial experts.
A man is shown in front of a decorated tree wearing a Santa hat and a mask
If you’re feeling grinchy this holiday season, nobody could blame you. Let’s look at some ways to help keep the cheer in the holidays, even during COVID-19. Go virtual Have your holiday plans been canceled because of a last-minute quarantine?