Scams to watch out for
Riiiing! You race for the landline, but the caller has already hung up—after just one ring. How rude! You thumb through the Caller ID, poised to give your mysterious caller a ring back when you note the strange area code.
Family having fun in the outdoors
6 Ways To Save Money On Camping Costs Q: Camping was always considered the low cost vacation option, but the costs really add up. How can I cut down on camping costs but still have a great experience? A: It’s great you’re looking to trim your vacation expenses.
Memorial Day Shopping
Since 1971, Memorial Day has been observed as an extended weekend away from work–and the unofficial start of summer. But is about more than that: this day honors all the service-people who died in the service of their country. It stands as a day dedicated to memorialize those precious lives lost.
Happy couple embraces in front of their home
Every corner of the personal finance world seems to hammer home the same point: Debt is the wealth killer. Debt is the single greatest threat to your college savings, financial independence, and retirement planning. Except, as it turns out, one kind of debt defies these rules: mortgages.
Man preparing dinner at home
It’s time to celebrate the significant other in your life! If you’re thinking that means pricey gifts, expensive dates and blowing an entire day’s salary on a restaurant meal, think again. There’s no need to drain your wallet while trying to create the perfect Valentine’s Day.
Man reviewing loan application
Q: Why does my credit union need to know so much about me to grant me a mortgage? A: Exhaustive research into the financial, personal and credit history of home loan applicants is not unique to credit unions. Every home lender will request similar information for processing the loan.
Giving thanks for Credit Union
This Thanksgiving, we not only give thanks to our members, but also to the credit union movement! Whether you are a member of TwinStar, or another CU, being a credit union member makes you a part of something bigger. Let’s review 5 reasons to be grateful that you belong to a credit union. 1.