TwinStar Issues First EMV Credit Cards

EMV illustration

TwinStar Credit Union is now shipping EMV chip enabled Visa® Platinum credit cards to TwinStar members. If your Visa® Platinum credit card has an expiration date in November 2014 or after, you will receive one of the new cards. The card carrier that is included with your mailing provides more details. More information on EMV cards can be found here.

The activation process for your EMV card is exactly the same as our prior cards. In many cases, the process when you purchase something with an EMV card will be the same – the merchant will slide the card through a reader. As merchants upgrade their equipment, you will notice that your card is inserted into the terminal rather than swiped. This new method of initiating the transaction should greatly reduce the data thefts we’ve seen become common and prevent the fraud associated with those breaches. TwinStar Credit Union is pleased to be on the front edge of this technology improvement. We’re optimistic that EMV cards will prevent fraud and the hassle you endure as a result.

Watch this short video to see all the details of the EMV platform.

Other TwinStar credit and debit card types will be converted to EMV in the third quarter of 2016.