Digital Banking Updates

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Your feedback helped us identify issues, and we made those a priority. We are continuing to make improvements based on your comments and experiences. A majority of the outstanding issues have been fixed and we are working tirelessly on the remaining ones. We will be updating the lists below when updates are released, so please bookmark this page for open and resolved digital banking issues, plus upcoming new features.

August 2022 updates

  • Updated look and feel beginning with share and loan pages.  We’re streamlining the mobile banking user experience and optimizing for consistency across online and mobile banking
  • Improved search feature from within the share or loan view to limit search results to that specific share or loan history only instead of the entire account
  • Any scheduled transfers for the share or loan page you are viewing will display in a new section towards the top below balance
  • Added Account Details, Credit Details, or Loan Details button to easily view routing number and direct deposit account number for the share or loan
  • Text color of deposited amounts changed from green to black for greater legibility
  • Available balance on share pages easier to see with larger size and option to tap the “I” info button to learn more about your Available Balance and Current Balance

Additional mobile banking enhancements are coming over the next few months.  We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out on our feedback form.


July 2022 updates

  • For better security, text message codes will now only be valid for 10 minutes, reduced from 30 minutes. Added verbiage "Do not share, including with our support."
  • Resolved a bug that prevented some members from opening a joint account with someone younger than 13
  • Accessibility improvements 
  • Added the ability to add a nickname label when you add an app as an authentication method
  • Dashboard Latest activity> select transaction> has link to the share or loan history and the resulting balance
  • Business sub-users will only see buttons relevant to actions with their specific permissions. For example: If they don't have permission to make transfers, the transfer button will not be visible.
  • Removed the pre-populated default date in Bill Pay "make a payment". Field will only populate after member selects a payee.
  • Hold expiration dates updated to show consistent hold dates regardless of time zone


June 2022 updates

A new dashboard and accounts page design is now live in online banking. See more information here. (Web)


May 2022 updates

These updates are currently available in online banking.

  • Business Banking users will see an improved the display of the dual approval notification for enhanced visibility (Web).
  • Business Banking users now have dual approvals available in the main navigation bar. Previously, this was only accessible through the dual approval notification (Web).


April 2022 updates

These updates are currently available in online banking and the mobile apps.

  • Pending card transactions will only display on the share/Visa account that they are pending on
  • Voided transactions will not display
  • Business Banking users with “Viewer” role will now be able to view statements


March 2022 updates

These updates are currently available in online banking and will be in mobile apps version 8.10.

  • Improved the transfer experience to automatically add decimals when entering dollar amounts. Previously, if a user input the number 123, the currency value shown would be $123.00; this will now show as $1.23. (Mobile)
  • Members are now able to receive verification via mobile app push notification and/or SMS/text when changing their password. (Mobile & Web)
  • Added dollar amount validation for currency fields for transfers so that members will be made aware that the dollar amount is not acceptable in the initial transfer screen, where previously you’d not see an error until after submitting the transfer on the second review page. (Mobile & Web)
  • For member to member transfers, we’ve improved the way beneficiary names are displayed in the “To” field when there are multiple users who have access to the same account. (Mobile & Web)
  • If access to the “to” or “from” account(s) associated with the Automatic Savings transfer is removed, then the Automatic Savings is deactivated. (Mobile & Web)
  • Resolved a bug for Android users where tapping the "Unlock" button in the login screen would dismiss the keyboard instead of logging the user in. (Android Mobile)
  • Improved the sign in to be faster, more secure, and stress-free. (Web)
  • Improved the layout of the top header navigation bar for better navigation. (Web)


February 2022 updates

These updates are currently available in online banking and will be in mobile apps version 8.8.

  • Blurry check images issue addressed    (Web and mobile)
  • Added "View transfer activity" dropdown in main transfer navigation tab    (Web)
  • Updates to fonts and headers for better accessibility and visibility (Mobile)
  • “Scheduled transfers” can be seen now (Mobile)
  • Added new every 1st and 15th options for recurring transfer (Web and mobile)
  • Member to Member payees will be saved for all users    (Web)
  • View your transfer limits on the “Make a Transfer” page via hyperlink (Web)
  • All users are able to add a new Member in “Member to Member” transfers (Web)
  • The available balance to transfer in the "To" dropdown field and the balance utilized in the "From" dropdown field will now show. (Web and mobile)
  • "Memo" field in the “Make a transfer” page is back (Web and mobile)
  • All users are able to add a new BillPay payee account number that contains letters (Web)
  • Scheduled BillPay payees no longer appear as deleted in the “Upcoming Payments” page (Web)

December 2021 updates

These updates are currently available in online banking and in mobile apps version 8.7.2.

  • Members will be notified when their email was changed.
  • Updated default header font for improved legibility in online banking.
  • Added the ability for business account owners to select which accounts and loans sub-users can view or access.
  • Check images loading time has been improved.
  • Bill pay history information within online banking now partially masks payee account numbers. Full numbers are visible within the Bill Pay portal.
  • Updated error message when attempting to set up a TwinStar account as an external account. To move money from one TwinStar account to another, Members should use the "Friends" option.


November 2021 updates

These updates are available in online banking and the mobile apps version 8.3. 
If you do not have the app set to auto-update you will need to manually update your app from the app store once it is available.

  • This version includes UI enhancements to the transfer flow and mobile navigation experience.
  • The top left menu has been consolidated in the bottom menu bar under "More."
  • A bug that prevented balances from updating on the main feed screen has been fixed.
  • Businesses can now add access to specific shares and loans on their accounts instead of global access for sub-users
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.


October 2021 updates

Outstanding issues have been resolved in the list below. If you are not seeing the updates, please make sure you have updated your app for an improved banking experience. 

These updates are available in online banking and the mobile apps version 8.0.3:

  • Alerts not being sent now fixed
  • Internal transfer error “accounts must be different” fixed
  • Automatic Savings duplicate transfers error fixed
  • Fixed issue for Members with an apostrophe in their name
  • Buy Foreign Currency feature is now available
  • Paperless opt-in options for primary account owner

Certain features were improved for ease of use and a smoother banking experience. We will also be adding new features and services as they become available.


We are continuing to make improvements based on your comments and experiences. We’ve made it easier for you to share your comments and thoughts with us at Our team is working every day to improve your banking experience, whether online or in person. Thank you for going through this change with us, and we are expecting great things now and in the future.